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National University FAQ

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

Choosing the online degree program that’s right for you is a big decision, and you’re likely to have questions as you learn more about NU. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for here, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What financial aid is available?
Watch our financial aid overview video here to learn about which financial aid services we offer, how much tuition costs, and how to make college affordable.

How much financial aid will I qualify for and when will I find out?
General aid eligibility is available at studentaid.gov. Your specific eligibility is based on a variety of factors. The first step is to complete a FAFSA at studentaid.gov.

Are there scholarships and grants available?
National University funds a variety of scholarships and grants. In order to be eligible for a National University scholarship, all students must complete a FAFSA. See list here of available scholarships and grants funded by National University.

Can I get financial aid for a doctoral degree?
Generally, yes, but eligibility is based on a variety of factors.

What is the FAFSA school code?
: 038133
NU: 011460

Why am I in default?
There are multiple reasons your account may be in default. Refer to NSLDS and your servicer for specific reasons.

Can I defer loan repayment while I am in school?
Depends on the loan, and whether in-school deferment is available.

Can I transfer master’s-level credits?

Yes, 13.5 quarter units that have not been used in a master’s degree. EXCEPTION: Sometimes, credentials can accept more transfer credit.

Is National University regionally or nationally accredited?

Regionally through Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Some programs also hold additional, specific programmatic accreditation.

If my credits won’t transfer, do you still need a transcript?

No, if the school is nationally accredited AND you don’t want to petition for credit. If the school is regionally accredited, then we do need a transcript.

Why were my transfer credits not accepted?

There are a variety of reasons why your transfer credits may not be accepted. Common reasons include:

  • Not enough credits (2 units vs. 4.5 units)
  • No equivalent class
  • “All or nothing” (Example: Anatomy and Physiology at NU are combined, while they are separate courses at some schools)

Why aren’t my transfer credits direct equivalents for my new program?

  • Catalog change
  • Courses change

How can I check to see if my credits transferred?

In your student portal home page, go to the left side to the header ‘Quicklinks’. There should be a green ‘+’. Click this to display more options, and look for the Academic Advisement Report (six tabs down).

Once you’ve been officially evaluated by the registrar, your transfer credits will populate into the appropriate sections of the degree plan. Student advisors have access to pull this report as well. You can also look at Program Estimate to see a rough estimate of your transfer credits.

How will my work experience be considered for transfer of credit?

Credit for work experience is program-specific. Examples include:

  • POST training (articulated states)
  • (TISP) – Teacher Induction Program

Typically, this only applies to master’s programs, except for POST training (BS in Criminal Justice).

How long to find out if I have been accepted?
UNDERGRAD: official evaluation is 15 business days after the last transcript receive date.
GRAD: 48 hours after bachelor’s degree transcripts are received.

Enrollment supervisors can process student applications the same day they initially talk to the student. This will generate an ID for the student. Applicants are not officially accepted until the official evaluation by the registrar has taken place.

Are there entry exams I need to take?
This depends on which program you are enrolled in. There are some program-specific entry exams. Check with your enrollment advisor for details.

When do I start?
We have start dates every four weeks for most programs, although some programs have strict start dates: some examples include Educational Counseling, School Psychology, MSN, BSN, MAC, and specific on-site programs.

Can I change my start date?
Yes, the majority of our programs make it easy to do so. Cohort programs, however, cannot be changed.

How long does my program take?
If you have no college experience, a bachelor’s degree is about 40 classes or roughly 41 months if the student does not take any breaks. The capstone is typically about eight weeks. For master’s degrees, there are about 10-15 classes each. If the student was taking classes every month, it would take about two years to finish.

Why can’t the enrollment process be completed via text or email?
We need verbal confirmation from the student agreeing to be enrolled into the university, scheduled for class, and funding.

Are laptops provided?
No, laptops are not provided.

What are the admission requirements?
For the majority of undergrad programs:

  • All regionally accredited undergrad transcripts, as well as high-school transcripts (if applicable)
  • NU undergrad Application
  • 2.0 GPA or LIGPA (unless < five years)
  • Some programs have additional steps

For the majority of graduate programs:

  • Transcripts of conferred bachelor’s degree
  • 2.5 GPA bachelor’s degree of LIGPA (unless < five years)
  • NU GRAD Application
  • Some programs may have additional steps

Check with your enrollment advisor for details.

What accessibility/disability services do you offer?
Reasonable accommodations are student-centric and are established based on the student’s barrier, needs, and proper medical documentation.

Where can I find an accessibility/disability accommodation request?
NCU: Students can request a welcome packet from their AFA, or by contacting the disability services team directly. disabilitiesservices@ncu.edu or call 888-628-6911 ext 8018.

NU: Students can go to the SAS website directly. Here they will find step-by-step instructions on how to reach out to a team member as well as apply. https://nu-edu-develop.go-vip.co/studentservices/accessibility/getting-started/

Who is aware of my disability?
Only the ADA team members have access to your documentation:

  • All documentation is housed in a secure drive
  • All ADA counselors and ADA/AFA are HIPAA trained
  • Student barriers are never disclosed to advisors or faculty by the ADA team
  • Only student accommodation/approval letters are shared to faculty

My faculty member is offering to work with me on accommodation, do I still need to reach out to the SAS/DS offices?
Yes! All students requesting accommodation must reach out to the disability/accessibility office per ADA guidelines. Faculty can not authorize ADA accommodations.

Our office will make sure that you have received all applicable accommodations that can be rightly granted for your needs based on your barrier and documentation.

How do I apply?
Please go to nu.edu – Apply Now.

I’m interested in one of NU’s programs. What are the next steps?
Talk to an enrollment advisor. Then, submit an online application. Finally, speak to an enrollment specialist to finalize your acceptance.

How long does it take to find out if I’ve been accepted?
Response times vary depending on the program, but your enrollment specialist will have a timeline for you to start the acceptance process.

Is Northcentral University also National University?
Yes, Northcentral University is a sister-school to National University. Northcentral University is part of the same family of schools.

Can I go NU if I do not find a program at NCU and vice versa? 
Yes! Check with your Enrollment Advisor.

What are the admissions requirements?
Admissions requirements are program-dependent. Please check with your enrollment advisor.

Why can’t I complete the application online?
We want to ensure you are enrolling in the correct program of study and want to help with each step of the application process.

How do I reach admissions?
Please call 855-355-6288.

Will I have a specific advisor during my program?
Yes! Each student will have an academic advisor to assist them during their program.

Why do I have to interview?
Some programs require an interview – your enrollment specialist will discuss this in more detail.

Are tests required for admission?
There is no test required for general admission, but there are some programs that may require additional items for admission.

Are the classes 100% online?
Most classes are online, but some courses are on-site, depending on the program of study.

What is the process for foreign evaluations and international transcripts? 
Foreign credential students are required to have their education evaluated by a third-party company.

Do I need to take a GRE for my master’s program?
This is dependent upon your GPA. Please check with your enrollment advisor.

What is the difference between official and unofficial transcripts?
Official transcripts are sent from your previous school directly to National University. Unofficial transcripts are sent from the student to National University.

Did you receive my transcripts?
Please check with your enrollment advisor. You can also check with your previous school to see when and how your transcripts were sent to National University.

Does NU/NCU offer Personal Life Credits or Professional Credits?
Check with your enrollment advisor.

What is the cost-per-credit?
Depends on your program of study.  Please check current tuition at nu.edu or call your enrollment advisor.

Is there a difference in tuition for out-of-state tuition?
National University does not have out-of-state tuition.

Is there a GPA requirement?
Yes, depending on the student’s program of study.

Is there an orientation?
Yes, orientation is online. Some programs may have additional orientation requirements.

Where can I find my schedule? 
You can access your schedule by logging into your student portal.

Where do I find my financial aid information on my student website?
You can find it in the Student Portal under “Financial Section.”

Do I need to take a GMAT?
This will depend on your GPA. Please check with your enrollment advisor.

Where do I find financial aid information?

Where do I find scholarship information?
On the National University website at nu.edu.

Where do I find information about courses and degrees?
On the National University website at nu.edu – look for “course catalog” at the bottom of the page.

What is the format of the courses?
 Our courses are available in a variety of formats, including online, hybrid, and on-site.

What qualifies a student as a reentry student?
An active student who has not been in class for 60 days, is not in an academic probational status, and has zero negative service indicators.

Why have I been withdrawn from my program?
It is possible that the student has fallen outside of the attendance requirements.

Can I reenter once I have withdrawn?
Yes, so long as the student has not been academically dismissed.